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July 4, 2019
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March 3, 2021
A well designed wardrobe

Lets Talk Wardrobes

During the lockdown the country went all Maree Kondo on their lives, decluttering and focusing on what sparks joy.  You may have found yourself reevaluating what’s important so we think now is the perfect time to be thinking about your wardrobes.  

No matter the space or budget you are working with, whether building a new home or renovating, there is no reason for you not to have a stylish, functional wardrobe.  A well organised wardrobe helps to create calm and order, and lets you get on with the more important things such as hitting the lake or heading around to friends for an appropriately socially distanced dinner..

Often an afterthought and seen as a place to hide everything away, a wardrobe can be so much more – think of it as an extension of the carefully crafted thought, and design you have put into your house.

A well designed wardrobe

Planning is Key

When planning your new build think about the size and type of your wardrobe – are you wanting a walk-in robe, with space for getting ready and displaying key pieces; or a simple  built-in for quick easy access.

Regardless of the type you choose, planning and organisation is key to the perfect wardrobe.  Think about the items you will be putting in your wardrobe – do you require lots of hanging space, or would draws suffice? Does your shoe collection rival that of Sex & the City?  Will it be used by one person or two?

Taking time to plan your wardrobe design will ensure you get the results you are after.


Envious wardrobes aren’t limited to new builds.  Existing wardrobes can be refitted within their immediate footprint to maximise space and minimise disruption to your house.  Here at B&M Joinery we have great options for recreating new wardrobes in 


existing spaces – especially in Ministry Houses which are known for having minimal storage.

So if you’re wanting to clear out the clutter and bring more style and organisation to your wardrobe (and life) get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll help you find the perfect fit!