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November 20, 2018
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The team doing a bridge climb in Sydney.

Goodbyes are never easy. They are especially hard when you need to say goodbye to someone who’s walked such a long road with you.

The B&M story started long before we opened our doors on 10 October 2016. Brendon and Mark had shared the dream of opening a joinery factory for a very long time. They always said that the only person they would do that with was the other. After months of planning and get-togethers, their dream finally became a reality. We hit the ground running and work has been steady since – definitely keeping us all out of trouble.

Late last year, Mark let us know that he was ready to slow down a bit. He was ready for a change. Unfortunately, this also involved him leaving the business. He has a passion for snow skiing, so no doubt there is an international ski trip somewhere in his future! He is also looking forward to having more time with his family.

Mark will be greatly missed at the factory. Besides his obvious contributions as an owner and director, he brings a great sense of camaraderie into the shop. We love his sense of humour and ability to make us laugh, plus his willingness to take some cheek! His leadership will be missed.

The team doing a bridge climb in Sydney.

We wish nothing but the best for Mark, Claire, and their family for this new chapter in their lives. And although this is goodbye, it is most certainly not farewell. We will continue getting together on a regular basis –  Mark will always be the “M” in B&M Joinery, after all!