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September 12, 2018
Woman's hands chopping fruit

How to get (and keep) your kitchen neat and tidy all year round.

Woman's hands chopping fruit

Warmer weather, longer days, blossoms all around – spring is well and truly here! But before we can begin to enjoy our lazy days in the sun, there is still one thing that needs doing: the dreaded spring cleaning. Why do houses – and specifically kitchens – get so terribly cluttered during the winter months? Is it because it gets darker sooner, so we don’t see the mess? Or do we simply do everything in a rush to get back under the blankets quicker? Whatever the reason, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you get and keep your kitchen neat and tidy all year round

Create work zones

A quick and easy way to organise your kitchen is by creating dedicated zones for the three basic tasks: prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Having zones for each task allows you to maximise the space you have available, and will make your kitchen more functional. When planning your new kitchen or rearranging your existing one, think about what items you need in each work zone and store your appliances and utensils accordingly.

Get some nifty storage solutions

You can have the biggest kitchen in the world and still have no place to put anything if your storage isn’t properly thought-out. There are many cool storage solutions that not only save you space but also makes organising your cupboards and pantry a breeze. As a proud Häfele partner, we can advise you on the best storage ideas for your new kitchen, and also help you retrofit solutions for your existing cupboards.

Empty mason jars on kitchen counterMake it look pretty

Sometimes you only have so many cupboards to put things away in. If you need to store items in plain sight, try to make them as visually appealing as possible. A row of glass bottles filled with cereal not only looks way less cluttered than the multicoloured boxes would but can also be a fun decorative element! Baskets or boxes are also a great way to create extra storage without creating an eyesore.

Think outside the kitchen

There is no rule that says all kitchen stuff must go in the kitchen. If you have a tiny kitchen and space is at a premium, move a few non-essentials to other places in the house. The little extra effort it takes to fetch the popcorn maker or special Christmas-only dinner set from the hall closet is well worth the extra breathing room in your kitchen every day!

Planning is the first step to having a functioning kitchen. If you are looking to build a new kitchen, or want to give your existing one a facelift, give us a call. We will be happy to design and build a kitchen that works for you.